Vision and Beliefs


We believe that a human being is made up of spirit, soul and body and that salvation gives that human being an immediate, brand new spirit, BUT the soul (mind, will and emotions) and the body are not transformed immediately, meaning there is a process that should continue after salvation. We’re confident that we can help people with that process so that they can, become mature, complete, not lacking anything, according to James 1:5.


What are Soul Camps?

Soul Camps are designed to be a place to retreat to so that a person can intensify the process of maturing the soul, through teaching sessions, conversation and reflection.

Our weekend long Soul Camps take place in locations across the UK and Tanzania.

Our residential retreats include accommodation and all meals provided. 

Alternatively, you could host a Soul Camp at your church or local venue.



Residential Retreats

Throughout the year we host our own weekend long residential Soul Camps in the UK and in Tanzania. 

You are so welcome to join us at any of our upcoming retreats.

Host a Soul Camp

We would love to come and run Soul Camp at your church or venue. 

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About Us

John and Debbie Bullock have been involved in Christian ministry for over 30 years, 25 of those were as pastors of a church in the Rhondda Valleys in South Wales UK. For sometime during those 25 years, John, Debbie and their two children moved to Tanzania in East Africa to work as missionaries for several years, before returning back to the same church in the Rhondda Valleys afterwards.

Most surprisingly to them, their ministry has since led them back to Tanzania again where they now live. They are pastors of the Gatehouse International Church in Moshi and they are involved in various projects as missions workers. 

Soul Camp was born out of their heart and passion to empower Christians to maximise their lives and experience the abundance promised in John 10:10. 




"I wholeheartedly recommend Soul Camp to anyone and everyone.  The teachings are deep and John and Debbie make it fun too.  We are taking 16 of our Tanzanian staff through Soul Camp next month and we know it will greatly bless them." 

Read Stephanie's story

Stephanie P. Midthun, Executive Director, Courage House Tanzania

"Soul camp gave me information, knowledge and tools that provided a strategy to overcome obstacles. Living in the truth and dispelling mistruths"

Judi Owens, leader at Arusha Vineyard Church (Tanzania)


"John and Debbie set an atmosphere much like a spiritual think tank where freedom existed for believers to come together with he word of God and process truth and challenge on so many life-changing levels. I am glad I decided to go!"

Jill Omari, missionary in Moshi, Tanzania


"Can’t wait for part two! I feel like there’s more - finding out about walking this out and journeying together in it!"

 Anonymous, Tanzania.